Uganda Police to secure device for detecting drugs in human body

The Uganda police force is set to secure an electronic device to detect drugs within the human body.

Emilian Kayima the Force’s spokesperson said the electronic device will help them detect drug traffickers that insert substantial amounts of drugs in their bodies.

“Some ladies insert amounts of drugs in their private parts ,all in the name of trafficking drugs,”Kayima said .

“Police is yet to secure an electronic device that will scan bodies and once we capture the drug traffickers, they will face the law,” he added.

This was after Police arrested two suspected drug traffickers from Entebbe International Airport.

On March 4 , at about 10:00 pm police arrested a suspected drug trafficker identified as Laudato Nassimo holding an Italian passport aged 37 years carrying 3 kilograms of suspected heroin drug from the Entebbe International Airport .

“He was carrying about 3 kilograms of suspected heroin drug according to our preliminary findings. These were concealed in his travel bag under what is known as ‘false bottom’, however we applaud our security personnel for using their expertise to apprehend the drug trafficker,” Kayima said.

Kayima also revealed that On 9th February 2018, police apprehended a 64-year-old Antonio Manue who was carrying a passport indicating that he is a Portuguese national after he was found with drugs suspected to be heroin at Entebbe International Airport.

“He was boarding Egypt Air and his destination was Amsterdam, with him he had suspected heroin. It is yet to be measured and submitted for thorough examination and analysis,”Kayima said.

Police spokesperson Emilian Kayima says the drug traffickers will be dealt with According to the Narcotics and psychotropic substance control act of 2015.

Drug trafficking and abuse has risen in many countries and Uganda has been one of the countries affected by drug trafficking. Drugs are smuggled by both sea and air.

Following reports of how crime preventers’ jobs were left hanging in balance after the sacking of the former inspector, Kayima , while addressing journalists at central police station in said police will enact a law to guide the operations of crime preventers .

“I have not received a directive to stop crime preventers from doing what they do. In fact, the crime preventers have done a good job. Police will enact a law that lays structures under which these crime preventers will operate,” Kayima said


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