Gen Tumwine promises to unify security agencies, welcomes media to critique

Newly appointed security minister Gen Elly Tumwine has promised to put an end to the fights among security agencies in the country.

Tumwine made the statements at the sidelines of the vetting process on Wednesday at parliament. The newly appointed minister was in company of Inspector General of Police Martin Okoth Ochola, and his deputy Brig. Muzeeyi Sabiiti.

“With all of us using our good will, we shall come together and work for the country instead of being divided. There is going to be coordination among the teams,” Gen Tumwine said.

“Our teams will be working together for the prosperity of the people of Uganda strengthening peace and making it even better,” he added.

The General also welcomed the media to critique his docket should they see anything unbecoming. He however, pleaded for balance from the media while executing their duties.

“Media should report both the bad and the good so that we have a balanced situation.”

On having wrong elements in the different security agencies, Gen Tumwine said that he will ensure the few evil minded do not spoil the many good ones.

“There’s just a few evil minded people but the majority are good. We need to marshal the good minded people we have so that the evil ones don’t spoil the good ones.”


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