Calendar of Meetings

At the meeting of August 8, 2015, members unanimously agreed to hold TAA meetings every quarter according to the established calendar – regardless of the prospective attendance numbers. In-between, social gatherings at public venues (at a Restaurant or Pub) could be organized to keep up the spirit of socializing, networking, and having fun. However, voting and extremely important matters – like projects, spending and other financial, changes to by-laws and other matters with legal implications will be reserved for the general quarterly meetings. Members are encouraged to send topics for discussion ahead of time so that we can move quickly through the agenda in light of one-hour meeting; and to let those who have prior commitments to leave.

Upcoming meeting dates for the reminder of calendar year 2015, and 2016 are as follows:

2015: October 17 and December 5

2016: March 27, June 26, September 25, and December 4


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